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“How can we make our world a better place?”

In 2015, the United Nations implemented the Global Goals – 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They aim to end poverty and hunger and fight inequalities, strengthen people’s self-determination, ensure gender equality and a good and healthy life for all. By 2030, the Global Goals aim to promote prosperity for all and make lifestyles sustainable worldwide.

Part of the Global Goal 4 “Quality Education for All” is to inform people about sustainable lifestyles and the Global Goals. Suni e.V. is now publishing a learning module on this sub-goal entitled “How can we make our world a better place?”

Picture: Suni e.V. /2022 / German and Namibian educators train on the Global Goals.

Participants in the learning module acquire skills to reflect on their own values and actions and to position themselves in the sustainability discourse, as well as the ability to develop and apply their own vision for the future. They also develop ideas to teach others about the Global Goals and make the world a better place.

The learning module was developed by Suni e.V. within the framework of the German-Namibian exchange for educators. Cooperation partners were the University of Trier Department of Biology and its Didactics, THE BLUE MIND e.V. and the Namibian Light for the Children Foundation.
One result of the learning module at the University of Trier is this short film by Hannah Schmitt.

The English translation has been possible thanks to the PerMondo project: Free translation of website and documents for non-profit organizations. A project managed by Mondo Agit. Translator was Tasmin Mistry.

The learning module can be downloaded here from the Suni e.V. homepage.

Text: Barbara Scharfbillig