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Suni e.V. works with a range of partners in Namibia and Europe.

Light for the Children Foundation, Namibia

Suni e.V. established a partnership with the Light for the Children Foundation in 2011 and has been working with the foundation ever since.
The Light for the Children Foundation runs the ‘Light for the Children Center’, the largest day-care centre in the Omaheke region.
In Epako, Gobabis, over 20 committed educators work to give children and young adults a good start in life. Together, we develop learning materials for Germany and Namibia and implement educational projects.

Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture, Omaheke Regional Council, Namibia

Suni e.V. coordinates projects in Namibia in conjunction with the Directorate of Education Omaheke Regional Council in Gobabis. 
Among other projects, we organise workshops for educators with the help of the Directorate of Education.

Nossob Combined School, Namibia

Nossob Combined School (until 2017: Nossob Primary School) and its associated student residence have been partner institutions of Suni e.V. since 2010. 
During this time, the school has accommodated over 20 volunteers from Germany and has implemented a range of different projects in conjunction with volunteer workers from Suni e.V.
Most recently, Suni e.V. has provided funds for the construction of two classrooms.

The Catherine Bullen Foundation, United Kingdom

The Catherine Bullen Foundation, an organisation based in the UK, is active in the education and healthcare sector in Namibia, focussing predominantly on projects in the Omaheke region. The foundation is run by Linda and Roger Bullen, parents of Catherine Bullen who lost her life in Namibia.

Ben-Hur Rural Development Centre, Namibia

Since its establishment, Suni e.V. has been working with the staff of the Ben-Hur Rural Development Centre in Tsjaka. 
Our joint projects mainly focus on renovation work at educational institutions in the region as well as workshops for educators. 

Otjivero Primary School, Namibia

Otjivero Primary School in Omitara is one of our current partner schools. 
In 2012, we cooperated on the creation of a new preschool class. Volunteer workers from Suni e.V. have been assisting the teaching staff since 2010.

Morukutu Primary School, Namibia

Located in Otjiyarwa, Morukutu Primary School has been a Suni e.V. partner school for many years. As early as 2011, we launched a joint goat-breeding project that is still running today. Suni e.V. staff and teachers have also implemented educational projects on subjects as varied as aeroplanes, art and reading.
At present, Suni e.V. is financing the production of provisional coronavirus protection masks for students and teachers.

Stiftung Rehkids, Germany

Stiftung Rehkids helps children and young adults who have limited opportunities in life due to their background or health, aiming to give these children and young people a better start in life. The foundation backs and supports Suni e.V. and has been funding the salaries of two educators in Namibia since 2018.

Outjenaho e.V., Germany

Outjenaho e.V. is the sponsoring association of Morukutu Primary School.
Among other projects, we are jointly supporting measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic at Morukutu Primary School.

Deutsch-Namibische Gesellschaft e.V., Germany

Deutsch-Namibische Gesellschaft e.V. (DNG) is a member of Suni e.V. which, in turn, is a member of DNG. DNG was set up in 1977 with the aim of promoting and fostering relations between Germany and Namibia in a variety of ways, including the non-governmental level.

Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V., Germany

Since its establishment in 2015, Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V. has dedicated its efforts to promoting child, youth and family welfare. In the spirit of international cooperation, the association also sponsors non-governmental organisations and promotes tolerance in all cultural fields. Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V. is active in Namibia and Germany.

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