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ESD is the abbreviation of Education for Sustainable Development. It refers to education that enables people to think and act in a sustainable way. ESD enables all people to understand the impact of their own actions on the world and to make responsible, sustainable decisions. This educational concept is anchored in the United Nations’ fourth Sustainable Development Goal “Quality Education for All People Worldwide.” 

Suni e.V. has been dedicated to fulfilling this sustainability goal since 2015. 

The organisation carries out German-Namibian educational projects with children, young people, and educators in both countries. 

In Germany, several learning modules for educational institutions on German-Namibian topics are offered. Currently, there is an exchange of German and Namibian educators including several ESD trainings and projects.

In May 2023, Suni e.V. received the quality seal “ESD certified” by the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy and Mobility in Rhineland-Palatinate and the Ministry for Environment, Climate, Mobility, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Saarland. 

Suni e.V. is thus the first international association in both federal states to receive this certification.

“The whole Suni e.V. team has invested a lot of work and commitment and we are happy to have successfully completed the certification process.”, Barbara Scharfbillig reports. “Education for sustainable development enables us to understand global connections and to shape the future together. In Germany as well as in Namibia.” 

Suni e.V. is planning again an ESD training and exchange project for German and Namibian professionals from the education sector starting in 2024. 

Interested parties can already register in advance at

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