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Suni e.V. Board Member Claudia Wagner took part in an online discussion on the joint statement by the Namibian and German governments recognizing the genocides of the Nama and Herero. 

After almost six years of negotiations, the negotiators of Namibia and Germany, Dr. Zedekia Ngavirue and Ruprecht Polenz, agreed on a “joint declaration” in mid-May, which was initialled by both negotiators. The Deutsch-Namibische Gesellschaft e.V. and the Africa Foundation facilitated an exchange between the Special Representative of the German Government Ruprecht Polenz and almost 200 participants from Germany, Namibia, South Africa and other countries. Claudia Wagner took part in this event on behalf of Suni e.V. “It became clear that there is still much need for discussion,” she summed up. 

The documentation can be viewed here: