Otjivero Primary School

The Otjivero Primary School near the village Omitara is located between Windhoek and Gobabis in eastern Namibia. Each city can be reached within an one-hour drive.

The Otjivero Primary School is attended by 350 learners from grade one to grade seven. The school grounds contain ten class rooms, a head teacher office and a small library.
Further school facilities are under construction, in order to provide a staff room, further classrooms and a hostel for learners. There is also a schoolyard where free school meals (usually mush called “pap”) are provided.
The head of the Otjivero Primary School is Rebekka Heita.

Classes start at 6.50 am and end at 12.40 pm. There are afternoon classes for homework assistance, but only very few learners make use of them.

Up to third grade the language of instruction is Khoekhoegowab, one of the thirteen official languages of Namibia. Up to fourth grade the use of English is regularly increased until it becomes the sole language of instruction from fifth grade onwards. Most villagers of Otjivero speak Khoekhoegowab, Afrikaans, English and other official languages.

The size of the classes varies between 25 and 55 learners. All students of the Otjivero Primary School come from the village itself, the neighboring village Omitara, which is 3 km away, or from the surrounding farms, which can be up to 10 km away.