Volunteer work / internship

The school is looking for dedicated and qualified people who enjoy working with children and teenagers and who are willing to take part in the volunteer program.

The volunteers/interns are supposed to assist the Namibian teachers during their lessons. They are also expected to supervise smaller study groups, school projects and assist with the homework. There is a lot that can be done.

The legal age of 18 is required to take part in the volunteer program. Fluency in English as well as professional experience in child- and youth care are essential.
Furthermore volunteers need to be self-dependent in planning, organizing and realizing their lessons.
Advise from teachers will be limited, because they have to master a huge workload themselves.

Your accommodation will be close to the school and you will have a contact person in Namibia. You are obligated to attend a workshop prior to your departure (organised by Suni e.V.).
Upon acceptance into the volunteer program you will get more information about the school and Namibia, rules for the internship, some tips for rules and regulations during the lessons and cultural advises. You should also contact the previous volunteers to find out about the last projects and the current shortages.

Applications should be handed in at least 6 months prior to the internship.

Application papers (pdf.)

Please contact us for more information: